Want some more?

So here is my story, as if you care!

My name is Charlyne Vangansbeck. I'm from Brussels. I graduated and pursued a Baccalaureate in Graphic Design at Erg (Ecole de Recherche Graphique) where Graphic and Editorial Design. I also experimented a lot with Sculpture, Silkscreen and self-taught 3D Printing as offset process for Editorial purposes.  

I’m now a young Creative & Multi-Disciplinary Designer, deeply passionate by pictures, objects and graphics. That’s why my home is full of art prints & other oddities that I collect from here and there. I have many skills, but creating and drawing is what I love the most.

I have a cat called Patti and a lot of plants. I'm a proud Millenial, which means that I have no shame in collecting toys, especially vintage ones, and that I'm a TV + video game geek, obviously.  

My favorite food may be Tex-Mex and I'm much a 50/50 tea-coffee person, because I love both. I will spare your time now. Thanks for reading!